• Update from Hellen Naipanoi Kipaili

    Below is an update from Hellen, one of the six women in our East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative. In May, she will be the first woman in the initiative to complete her undergraduate courses and receive her BA.

    “It’s with great pleasure that I take this precious time to thank each and every one who has contributed to the success of my academics. I am encouraged to give back to the community and try my best to advise and even support when I can for our brothers and sisters to acquire basic education. Lots of appreciation to everyone for all their input towards our success. Also to my sisters Joy Kakenya, Elizabeth, Nailantei, Sabina, and Rehema from Tanzania – thanks all for your efforts to get along with the difficult moments we have encountered during our academics. I am happy for you and I believe you are strong women in the Maa Community. Finally, I won’t forget our visit to the United Nations offices [on January 19th] where we were privileged to meet Tomilyn. [Tomilyn Rupert is a Reports Analyst at the World Food Programme.] She’s a nice woman and she made being there awesome. Thanks again to Brighter Green. God bless all you all.”

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