• Updates – a wedding and volunteering









    A big congratulations to one of the women in the initiative, Ann, who got married recently. She had a lovely ceremony and one of the other women in the initiative, Sabina (upper left), was able to attend as well. Ann will continue working with the Kenya Wildlife Service.

    Many of the women are busy with final exams and are wrapping up their current semesters in their respective universities.

    Kenya has been experiencing drought and Joy has been able to do some volunteering with ActionAid Kenya and Tecno Kenya to distribute food to People of Daaba (Turkana community) and “dignitary kits” to women and girls (sanitary pads, sandals, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.) Joy writes that “it was a nice experience to join such a big team who donated food” and also hopes that she’ll be able to join future events.

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