Updates from Sabina and Joy

Sabina Tumeki Siankoi is currently in her third year at Egerton University to earn a BA in Gender and Development studies. She has been involved in different activities at the Indigenous Information Network (IIN) office such as helping in writing reports, representing the organization in local and national meetings, mentoring young girls in secondary schools, and also completing general administration work. Currently, she has been coordinating with the African Indigenous Women’s Organisation, a network hosted by IIN, where she has been monitoring project progress, projecting plans and reports, acting as the point of contact, and many other duties.

Joy Kakenya Barta has finished her 12 week industrial attachment at Rift Valley Water and Services Board. She learned a lot while there from public relations and communications, to research and writing skills. She writes, “[the work] enabled me to gain perspective on the faculties and skills-some of which aren’t thought in school–that need to be developed and cultivated by an individual so as to effectively utilize and apply one’s constituent knowledge in the work place.”

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